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I understand that in addition to the people who come here to share, listen and - in some cases - change, there may be some who come looking cautiously for something else ... a voice of compassion, a network of support, even some advice about the law. 

I’ve been where you are which is why I want this to be a place of help ... somewhere there is always a sympathetic ear and, if wanted, some gentle advice. 

If you are in this situation, drop me a line and I - or one of the people who have kindly volunteered to help - will get back to you as soon as possible. Your situation matters. Your opinion matters. Everything will always be confidential. 

With this in mind, if there is anyone who has gone through a similar situation at work and is willing to offer help and/or advice to those feeling they're helpless and in a debilitating situation, could you please get in touch. I would like to create some sort of  support network that offers ongoing help and encouragement - and maybe one day, even legal advice - to anyone who reaches out for it. 

Few may talk about what is going on but there are thousands going through it. 

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