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Beware Of Those Who Think They Are Kings ...

I'm not a writer, and will try to keep this as short as possible.

I spent 20XX and 20XX working odd jobs and on job seekers allowance after being unable to hold a job down since graduating from university and after an introduction through a family friend, managed to get a meeting with the CEO and MD of a great looking (but very small) company.

My 1st impressions were not great if I'm honest, I was asked questions such as:

- Where did you goto school?

- How do you know XXX? Why would he introduce you to us?

- Are you independently wealthy?

- What does your father do for a living?

But at this point, I was desperate for a job and would take anything.

After a couple of weeks, I was invited to work in a junior position in their company. The first few months were great, working in a cool office in central London, with some nice young colleagues but after a while, I started to notice situations that were just odd.

Here I'm going to list a small number of things (not all of them because there are too many) that I experienced during this tenure.


The (early 50's) CEO asked me to join him to interview someone because he saw her on a train holding a CV and because she was 'smoking hot' asked if she was looking for a job. She said yes, and this is that interview. The young (19 years old) woman was incredibly smart and could get a job anywhere. To this day I wonder why she stayed so long in that place.


I told HR that I was unhappy with some of the things I was seeing and if she could keep it confidential whilst I keep a diary and update her accordingly. The next day, the MD called me in his office to see the diary and that this was not allowed.


During 20XX I had to have an operation that meant I was bed ridden for 4 weeks. When I came back to the office, the CEO asked why I've been away for so long and I explained that I had an operation, he asked me where was it? When I showed him he kicked me in the place and said "well you seem fine now glad you're back, get back to work mate!" smiled and walked off.


I was sat at my desk and the MD walked over to me one day and said put your hands on the table... I asked why? He said "like that, spread your fingers on the table" so I did. He then pulled out a Stanley blade and said do you think I can put the blade in between each of your fingers without cutting you? I said no way and he laughed and walked off and said "pussy".

I was sat next to the MD working on a project and he said can you smell that on my fingers? I said no and don't want to he said "that's your mum's pussy, I thought you'd recognise it?"

My colleagues and I were in a meeting and the MD used the word "cunt" - so one of my female colleagues asked him not to use that word in front of her - so he looked at her and said "CUNT". Then carried on as if nothing happened.


My CEO told everyone in a morning meeting once that "Remember our suppliers are like prositutes, pay them as little as possible, fuck them, then move on to the next one as they're always gagging for new work" - I thought that was an inappropiate analogy.

As mentioned, there were many, many more instances that were beyond normal.

The strategy of the company was to hire young, pay them little and literally swear and shout in their face in front of others. It was really a fucked up environment.

Most of the women all left the business, two of which I know wanted to tell their version of this story to various publications but one of them was paid 3 months wages to not say anything. The other lady left the industry completely.

The sad thing is, both of these men are still working and I just feel so sorry for the people in their business. The experience has scarred me for life and I'll never forget how those men made me feel about my life and myself. I hated every moment but couldn't leave as I needed a job. I was a young boy looking at these men asking "is this normal?!" and thankfully, I was able to leave eventually and learn that the way I - and others, were treated - was totally inappropriate.

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