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How You Can Help

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

This blog will only work with your help. 

For it to work, I need to populate it with your [anonymous] stories of systematic abuse.

You can do it by sending me your story via

While I will check every submission to ensure it abides by the very simple rules, I promise I would only [if necessary] remove names of people or agencies as the goal is not to gain revenge, but to offer support to those who have suffered and to try and fundamentally change this toxic management style that seems to have quietly spread everywhere.

I appreciate how painful reliving your story will be for you … how scary … but I also hope by writing it, you will feel some sort of closure. That the secrets that have slowly been eating you up are allowed to die … leaving you stronger and more hopeful for the future.

But some important points.

+ Your details will always be confidential.

+ You get to choose if you wish to remain anonymous or not.

+ Nothing is ever done without your express permission.

+ You can change your mind at any time.

In fact I’ve removed the ability for people to leave comments to ensure this is a safe space for you to be vulnerable ... a place to regain your strength and confidence, both individually and as a group.

There is no pressure to contribute but huge thanks for all who do.

And one last thing …

If anyone recognises themselves – or someone they care about – in the stories they read on here and want someone to talk to, please reach out. 

I can’t fix it for you but I can listen and I can encourage.

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