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I Like You Till You Have An Opinion

I work at a medium-sized org that was bought by one of the biggest holding companies in the World two years ago. In the past year, I’ve been facing the worst work experience of my life due to power abuse and really bad, unconscious management.

Some examples:

+ We are a recently created strategic team (design strategy), with a 65% turnover (!!).

+ In the last year, 7 people have left or got fired (out of 11 or 12), didn’t last the whole year.

+ Our director changes everything last minute (hours before presenting) and does not accept challenge at all.

+ They lie, manipulate, talk bad about everyone behind their back and never recognizes her mistakes.

My situation:

- I was extremely valued until October, when my manager changed a presentation I was working on for a week in the very last minute, and created a proposal absolutely off-brief.

They noticed I was annoyed and tried to uninvited me to the client meeting. I did go and of course, the client said it was not on brief. Because of that, the meeting got extended 2hs. over schedule and we ended up at the same point I was at before my boss destroyed it.

There was no apology nor any recognition of a mistake. They even made me believe that I was wrong by getting “upset” and I should have gone with the flow...

The next day they pretended everything was ok. But in the last 6 months that have not given me any important work or any explanation for it and I’m suffering emotionally because of it.

Half of the company know about her their management style, but they are agressively bringing new business so management looks the other way.

While my boss publicly acts like they still count on me, they are condescending and are actively and knowingly pushing me away. My close teammates notice this and (secretly) support me but fear ramifications if they speak up on mu behalf.

HR knows about this manager. The partners know about them. Neither are doing anything about it.

I decided to take a psychological break, but only a few people know the real reasons. I don’t really know where to go from here - I can't look for an internal move, there are not a lot of open positions in the Spanish market, and my self-esteem at an all-time-low....

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