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The Bystander Effect. Part 2: The Happy Ending.

The first part of this post can be read here.

Recently, the person who wrote it got in touch to say they had come through the other side. To a better place. A happier and more fulfilling place. And they kindly said they wanted to share this with us, to give people going through a similar situation, the belief that change is possible. That a brighter future is there for them and their career. This is what they said:

I’ve just been offered a client-side planning role that I was very keen on.

It offers better pay and working conditions. I let the crisis get the better of me by carrying on in a workplace that exploited me. I assumed there are no jobs I could apply to. I was wrong.

There’s a light at the end of even the darkest tunnel.

Here are some resources I referred to in order to heal but also move on to things I would love to spend my time on. utm_source=Aeon+Newsletter&utm_campaign=dd77578caa- EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_08_13_07_27&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_411a82e59d- dd77578caa-70817871 help-you-live-a-more-fulfilling-9871d01992b7

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