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The Hardest Times Require The Most Considerate Times.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

While there are quite a lot of stories on the Corporate Gaslighting, it has not had many new stories come in.

We get it, it’s hard and scary.

But what we will say is this.

Not only is everything totally anonymous – and if you ever change your mind, we will do whatever works for you – the reality is sending in your story has 2 really tangible benefits.

The first is you feel a release in letting it out.

Part of the horror of being made to feel worthless at work is you keep it to yourself.

Of course you do, you’re made to feel you’re the failure so why would you ever want to tell anyone that.

That pressure can be hugely debilitating so letting it out not only helps you breathe again, it helps you start being in control of your situation rather than having that situation control you.

Second is your story will help others going through it.

Everyone who has written in has expressed their gratitude to read other stories like theirs.

It helps them know they’re not alone.

It’s not them.

It isn’t right.

As we battle these terrible times with Corona, companies will be facing difficult decisions. While everyone will understand these are exceptionally challenging times for all, even that doesn’t give any excuse for not treating employees with utter respect.

Sadly we are seeing some behaving in a way that counters that.

So if you – or anyone you know – is facing this horrific situation at work with a bad boss, can you please point them to … because even if they don’t want to submit their own story, reading others might help them feel they can get out of this, and for that alone, it’s worth it.

Thank you.

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