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Do As I Say Even If I Don't Know How To Do It

The new job started well.

I was in a new country (Taiwan) and getting into the groove of working with a new team and a new marketing boss helping build our business for a TV network.

What we (me and the team members) didn't know, was that our marketing head was known for being very short tempered and she started getting impatient with us as our business progresses was slow in the first 12 months.

Don't get me wrong, the first 9 months were great. she treated me very well and then their behavior started getting desperate and they would start to yell and scold all of us - but I was targeted on a daily basis.

At first I didn't think too much of it but after a while it was getting stressful and it got to a point where they were just having a good go at me everyday for no reason. 

There was a lot of tension because the area of expertise I'd been hired for was not an area my boss knew. They got more and more aggressive towards me when I kept making suggestions how their ideas could be implemented, because they saw what I was saying as an attack when I was just trying to make what they wanted, technically possible.

Then one evening I said to myself and I had enough and with some encouragement from another team member, I decided not to turn up to work the next day.

I didn't call in sick, I didn't give any reason, I just didn't turn up.

When she tried to call me, I didn't pick up the phone until the afternoon and then made up some lame excuse for not going in to work that day.

From what I was told afterwards, she grilled my colleagues the whole morning for why they didn't know where I was.

Things deteriorated further and I eventually couldn't stand it any longer so started looking around, which resulted in me moving to Beijing.

To avoid their abuse I didn't tell them where I was going to until I was well and truly gone from Taiwan. What was more ridiculous was my team did a big KTV farewell for me a few days before my last day, and when she found out about my celebration, she cancelled my official farewell from work by saying,

"Looks like you already had your farewell, hence we don't need another one".

Yes, the job got me out of being unemployed in HK, where I lived previously, and yes, anyone can have a bad temper ... but no one deserves to be shouted at each day, especially when it's because you can't do something that is technically impossible.

Even after all these years, I would purposely avoid any engagement with her, and if someone was to ask me to meet up with her, I simply said NO.. 

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